Monday, September 4, 2017

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite!

As I have mentioned, I have been rewriting The Earth Is Not Flat! And rewriting and rewriting. I'm on the second version of the fourth draft (or is it the second draft of the fourth version—it's all getting a little hazy). It's a slog for a variety of reasons, and I have several times considered giving up and letting the book stand pretty much as is.

But I can't. Unfortunately, I have had way too much exposure since the first edition of the book, and discovered more, not about the flat-Earth of course since that doesn't exist, but about the people who sell it, to leave it where it stood more than two years ago. I have also had a chance to think more about how flat-Earth belief fits into the larger scheme of not only pseudoscience, but social media and social interaction in the 21st Century in general, and I think I need to write that.

I also feel that, along with those gaps in my knowledge, I made two major mistakes in the first book. The first was that I was too easy on the flat-Earthers. They wouldn't agree, of course, since they don't take kindly to criticism (like someone else in high office whose name escapes me, or would if I were lucky). But I do think that flat-Earth believers deserve far more ridicule and a good dressing down for their tactics and attitude than they got in that book.

The second problem, pointed out to me by non-flat-Earthers, was that I didn't, apparently, do enough to counter the flat-Earth arguments. I don't know how far I'm willing to go with that—really, all you have to do is offer a few proofs that the idea is impossible—but I will at least attempt to take it a bit further than I did before.

But I won't be happy about it. There are things I'd love to move along to, but this won't leave me alone until some things are said, put out there, and then left behind in favor of the songs and stories that I'm far more anxious to tell.

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