Friday, June 23, 2017

Comments I Don't Publish

I note on one of the sidebars that I moderate comments. I don't feel the need to moderate comments on any of my other blogs, but where flat-Earthers are concerned, it's the only reasonable course. A perfect example of why are these two comments, which I haven't published but reproduce here for educational purposes.

This first was offered in response (sort of) to Pictures Of Earth From Space:

Wow, aren't you the smarty pants?! Debunk this then Mr science guy, water is always flat level or,seeking level...along with all the flat countries & abyssal sea floor, you cannot have all that flat & still make the perfect ball shown to us by nasa, nor can itake the pear shape sold by actor priest Tyson, who works for nasa & interestingly, cannot show us a pic of anything but the perfect ball. Good luck! Also, your focal pendulum is proven false to detect motion of earth by Sagnac & airey, who both destroyed relativity (& movement of earth) quite handily by irrefutably showing both aether existing & failing to show movement...sooo yea Mr big brain know it all, you're a liar & I need to further educate you?
Do I really need to respond? Is it necessary to publish personal abuse mixed in with the standard flat-Earth litany of bad arguments, quote-mines, and misrepresentations? Not to mention the atrocious grammar and spelling, and the profound ignorance of even the most basic facts? I don't think it adds anything to the conversation.

Here's another, same day, same person, on the post Lies To Defend the "Truth"?

Holy incompetent you are! You're trying so hard too....defeat water surface & abyssal floors...both are flat. Google flattest states, then countries. Somehow you can wrap all that flat around a ball & it still stays FLAT? Nice trick. Good luck...Oh you wanna say gravity, do you? Gravity has zero effect in gasses & fluids soooo yea, liar you are. Deceiver. Religious zealot. You have FAITH since you cannot prove any single bit of the heliocentric theory. You are also super conceited to believe YOU know it all, YOU have all the answers. Where's your Nobel for doing what cannot be done? Where is your name in sciencephalitis for your contribution in moving THEORY to FACT? You are a blundering parrot, repeating what you cannot prove. Psh you make me sick you charlatan, you fraud, you liar!
I get the feeling that this person is maybe too young to have a Google account without his parent's permission, or if not, too immature to be trusted with one as an adult. And yet this level of discourse is pretty common in the flat-Earth sphere (pun intended). And, indeed, in the realm of much of what passes for argument in the very public Internet space recently.

It gives me pause.