Monday, January 16, 2017

What Is Happening To Us?

I don't usually post so often on this blog, but sometime circumstances make me want to speak out. Yesterday it was the rather sudden appearance of another annoying flat-Earth (and just about every other sort of ) conspiracist. Tomorrow I will publish an entry on the old saw from flat-Earthers about railroad tracks not taking curvature into account, a more normal kind of entry for me.

Today, astronaut and moonwalker Eugene Cernan died at the age of 82. He was the last man to walk on the moon, at least for now. There are not many of his kind left, and I was very sad to hear that he is gone.

But that's not why I'm writing tonight. I'm writing because soon after the announcement of his death, the flat-Earth and moon hoax crazies started right in. They said he'd been bumped off because he knew the truth. They said that his great achievement was all a lie. I will not dignify these charges with a response. These cretins dishonor the memory of a man who boots they could never hope to fill.

How did we come to this? How did we come to the point where people who would call others liars and frauds, with no evidence whatsoever, feel that they should have an equal voice to those who work hard at helping us understand our place in the Universe, sometimes, as in the case of Commander Cernan, at the risk of their own lives?

Is it because we've brought up our children to "respect" the opinions of others, without investigating to find out if those opinions are deserving of respect? Is it because, in the age of the Internet, anyone can publish nearly anything, with little financial or personal cost? Not even, it seems, any cost to their reputations?

Whatever got us here, it feels to me like a giant step backwards. It's bad enough that there are people in the world who espouse a belief that the Earth is flat, but must we tolerate such incredible hubris and bad manners from these people? Must we shrug off their unfounded accusations, even to the point of calling current astronauts "traitors to humanity," as just a matter of opinion?

Or should we demand, en masse, that anyone who makes such wild claims, and such heinous accusations, back them up with real, verifiable facts.

I, for one, think we owe it to the memory of Commander Cernan, and the other heroes we have lost, many in the line of duty in what I consider to be a very high purpose, to demand more of humanity.


  1. Very fine words, with I share completely.

    Perhaps it's time those libels and slanders are challenged before a court of justice. And that inane hate speech does not go unpunished.

  2. I think since the likes of eric dubay this movement has expanded rather a lot (I say movement, its more like some sort of cult).
    I had never given the flat earth conspiracy the time of day up until a few weeks ago when someone I know was trying to convince me the earth was flat and sent me a link to one of dubay's videos. Obviously I watched it out of curiosity more then anything. I couldn't believe that people actually believe the rubbish he comes out the planets and satellites aren't real and the images are just fake. Seriously?! Does he not know that people own their own telescopes and could quite easily see them for themselves? What's more surprising is how many subscribers he actually has...a ridiculous amount. I have kinda been on a mission the past week or so to disprove everything he says cos I have checked out a lot of what he says and none of it is true. At 1st u could pass it off as he doesn't know what he's on about, but he claims to have been researching for the past decade, that says to me he himself is a con man and only doing it to generate revenue from the sales of all his rubbish.
    I don't understand science that much, only know how the universe works now after watching science made easy type vids cos I have never been interested in science before but even to someone like me this flat earth stuff doesn't make any sense. I know there is prob a bit of corruption that goes on in some fields of science (just like in any line of work there are greedy people) but for people like dubay and others, cos there are a few others, to try and discredit the whole science community and pretty much turn people anti science so they can cash in on it is criminal is it not?
    Ur blog has been very helpful, have been reading through it for the past hr. Will come in useful for if I find myself in any debates on this topic 😊


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