Tuesday, October 25, 2016


As I head into the New Hampshire winter, it's time for me to, in a sense, take a break. Although it's a working break. It's not just because of the upcoming cold weather, and the extra work I have to do to keep the plunging temperatures and snow at bay. It's that, in the months since The Earth Is Not Flat was released, my interactions with the flat-Earthers has lead me to think that it might be time to rewrite the book.

And, as with the last big writing session, I won't have much time left over to do battle with flat-Earthers on Twitter and YouTube. So you shouldn't expect to see much of me on those platforms until the spring when, I hope, there will be a new edition of the book to talk about.

I'll still post here on the blog from time to time, and I'll still answer comments here, if they are worth answering. There will still be automated Twitter posts reminding people that the first edition of the book is still for sale, and pointing readers to selected posts on this blog, and I may post research questions occasionally. But I'll be much too busy with new research and writing to spend even the relatively meager amount of time I now spend responding to flat-Earth posts.

And there are, of course, other writing projects. I have six new songs in the works, recordings of my existing songs, a theater project coming up, and my first juvenile fiction novella. Plus all the things I do for clients between my own projects.

But come the spring, when I can shut the heat back down and put the snow thrower away, I should have a shiny new edition of The Earth Is Not Flat to show off. Hope it will be worth the wait.