Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Message to Flat-Earthers

I left this comment awhile back on a video by Lori Gale, but when I re-read it today, it struck me as something anyone who buys into this flat-Earth idea should think about:
Could you, possibly, entertain the idea that the government doesn't give a hang about any of you, and that the entire flat-Earth "movement" is nothing more than a kind of mass hysteria, spread by the easy access to audiences afforded by YouTube and Twitter, the lack of scientific knowledge and skill in much of the general population, and a predisposition toward distrust?
Could it be that the more than 2000 years of science on the shape, size, motion, and position of the Earth have in fact produced reliable answers which, while they may be counter-intuitive, have allowed us to enjoy many fruits of civilization which have relied on this knowledge?
Could it be that the theoretical physicists, some of whom invented the core materials on which your digital technology is based, know more about the nature of things than the rest of us?
I am nearly a year into this flat-Earth fad, and I think that what I'm saying is far more likely.
 If you cannot, at the very least, entertain these ideas, then you are not being open-minded; you are merely latching onto to something, for whatever reason, instead of truly considering all the evidence available to you, and you do not deserve to call yourself a seeker of truth.

And it's time all of you faced that fact.