Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yet Another Stupid Meme

One of the things flat-Earthers can't admit to, of course, because it destroys their entire world-view, is that men actually travelled to the moon. It's not only flat-Earthers that contest this, of course, but you cannot seriously believe that the Earth is flat and that we've traveled to the moon at the same time. So it was from a flat-Earther that I ran across this meme:

The implication of this meme is, of course, that they are inside this zero-G plane, faking the moon walk. Hmm. Ostensibly, they are faking photos like this one:

I hope, if you are not completely brain-dead, you can see how ridiculous this notion is. But let's do a quick run-down. First of all, yes, this is Buzz Aldrin doing training in a zero-G plane (though probably not at zero-G, but at 1/6th G to simulate conditions on the moon). That's the only thing this meme got right.

The ladder is a mock-up of the LEM ladder, but it's obvious that the rest of the mock-up looks nothing like the LEM. The background is the walls of the plane, not a picture of the moon surface with the black sky in the background or a chromakey screen to matte it in later (and the notion of placing a chromakey screen in such a tight space is ludicrous to anyone who's ever shot chromakey, especially in the 60s or 70s). The lighting is completely wrong, and couldn't be made right in so tight a space.

Then there is the matter of time. The reduced-gravity effects in the plane are very short-lived. For zero-G, you get 25 seconds of weightlessness for every 65 seconds of flight. The times are probably somewhat longer for 1/6th G, but certainly it cannot be sustained for the length of a live broadcast from the moon, with no cuts to hide the special effects.

And finally there is the matter of the "film crew." For a film crew, they are missing something: any of the essential equipment that would have been needed to film in 1969: a camera, camera mounts, lights, sound equipment, grip equipment. The only reasonable conclusion is that what you're seeing is not, in fact, a film crew.

The other reasonable conclusion is that the flat-Earthers and moon-hoaxers are really reaching in their vain quest to "prove" that the moon landings never happened.

It's going to take more than some stupid memes.

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  1. Article on the training which includes the Aldrin photo:


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